Some condominiums can be bland and boring. Some can can be exciting. We focus on the latter. We want to be so much more than four walls and a ceiling. The development team has worked tirelessly to provide Bloom & Timber with stand alone features that stand out from the competition and become your only real choice for condominium living.


The vision of Bloom & Timber is to foster a growing new community of residences by providing a multitude of building amenities. These amenities will provide an opportunity for real relationships to take root. With the development of Phase Two comes some useful and creative amenity spaces to be utilized by all residents. These unique amenities are yet another example of our pursuit for excellence.


"Quality means doing it right when no-one is looking"

Custom building homes and condominiums for over 40 years, Irwin Homes is well known for its quality, philosophy and customer service. Let their experience benefit you and open the door to whole new way of living. 

DESIGNER LIGHTING: Say good bye to condominium floor lamp lighting. We are the only condominium offering a new technology of pot/disk lighting to illuminate your living room and dining room. Our 9’ foot ceilings will be home to stylish pot lighting that is on dimmer control making a stylish and illuminating statement.

TOP TIER SELECTIONS: We believe in starting off right. Included as a standard is your choice of Quartz countertops, tile backsplash, high end flooring and designer plumbing fixtures. Our design team has selected some stunning packages for you to select from. High end quality at an affordable price.

HIGH QUALITY SPECIFICATIONS: Quality is about doing it right when no one is looking. Combining style, function and quality construction is yet another feature that Bloom & Timber will be recognized for.